Welcome to Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories

The Aboriginal people are the traditional caretakers of Australia.

Before white man came they lived on the land and hunted with hand made weapons like spears and boomerangs.

This site is dedicated as a tribute to the Indigenous Australians and their wonderful aboriginal dreamtime stories.

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Dreamtime Stories

Many of the Aboriginal dreamtime stories were made to explain how things were created to the young indigenous people. There are many stories that tell how Australian birds and animals look and act the way they do.
There are also many aboriginal dreamtime stories which describe how our natural landscape such as lakes and deserts were formed. Other stories describe the sky. sun, moon and stars.

Indigenous man in traditional clothes sitting and playing didgereedoo

Aboriginal Art

The Aboriginal people are renowned throughout the world for their beautiful descriptive artwork. They painted on many different canvases including rocks, inside caves, on tree bark, timber, boomerangs, spears and also themselves. Ochre pigments were commonly used for traditional indigenous artworks. Ochre pigments come from rocks rich in iron oxides. These ochre pigment paints were made by grinding these rocks and mixing the powdered rock with blood or saliva.

Indigenous man fingr painting a Crocodile

Indigenous Hunters

The aboriginal people traditionally hunted with handmade boomerangs and spears. Boomerangs are fashioned from curved sticks and designed to return to the person who throws it.
It is a sign of respect and a great honor to be presented with a boomerang by an aboriginal family. They often hunted kangaroos for food, but many tribes lived near water and also ate fish seafood and native berries, roots and insects like witchetty grubs.

old photo of an Aboriginal hunter with boomerangs